Some of our projects

GDPRfolder makes the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) accessible to SMEs. Unlike expensive and time consuming lawyers and consultants, allows companies to audit their GDPR risk autonomously, improve and demonstrate their GDPR compliance and follow the evolving best practices to comply with the regulation.

Execution: Architecture, UX/design, web application in Elixir Phoenix, PDF generation, multilingual, Stripe payments.


ABB Industrial Robot programming interface

Econocom hired us to prototype a visual programming interface for ABB’s robotic arms that are widely used in factories. Instead of writing error prone lines of code, the operators will gains time by visually programming robotic arm movements. The challenge for our frontend part was to model the many possibilities of such programming language into drag and droppable interface elements.

Execution: Desktop Electron application, Elm language, drag and drop code instructions.

YourBrandInThePocket-01.png allows organisations, companies and events to create their own fashion accessories with the branding of their choice. We use Tyvek as material to produce various water-proof, tear-proof and recyclable products such as wallets and card holders that are 100% customisable.

Execution: Web application in Elm, UX, AirTable (data).



The TapTime mobile app helps freelances and service workers track their time effortlessly. Unlike traditional time tracking tools, TapTime is beautiful, focused on time entry and allows you to make graphs and analysis in Google Sheet.

Execution: UX/design, React Native, Google Sheet API.



GitShot is a minimal, simple, super fast client for opening and browsing GitHub issues on the go. It includes a share extension, so that you can add screenshots to your issues in a blink.

Execution: UX, iOS application in Swift, GitHub API.


Brussels Electronic Marathon

Brussels Electronic Marathon (official app) is 3 days of electronic music from the local scene. Parties, live concerts, DJ sets, workshops & films. 200+ artists, 30+ venues, 60+ music collectives, 100% Brussels. BEM is an initiative of FTRSND.

Rating: 5/5 (15 reviews on AppStore and PlayStore on October 2018)

Execution: UX/design, automated data gathering with Facebook API, music streaming with Soundcloud API, Google Map and directions, Elixir Phoenix server and back office.



FitNow! helps you get great deals on the best gyms, classes, health and sport professionals at any time of a day, wherever you are in Brussels.

Execution: conception workshops, UX, Flutter app, Stripe payments, Elixir Phoenix server and back office.



WiseRadar helps entrepreneurs and investors monitor the news effectively, ensuring they never miss a deal or make a poorly informed decision.

Execution: Node.js backend, named entity recognition, API integrations with Crunchbase, AngelList, Dealroom, Angular.js frontend, Stripe subscriptions, HTML responsive emails