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Your mobile application is your strategy is a collaborative team of experienced entrepreneurs. We help your team bring your next mobile application idea to the hands of your users. We provide:

What our clients say:

“All I can say is great job!”

(Martin Van Soens, Pre-Sales Lead at Econocom)

“This is a kick ass tool that you created, and I'm genuinely impressed by the complexity yet the extra accessibility of the interface.”

(Mohamed-François Sabatié, organizer of the Brussels Electronic Marathon)

“Absolutely great teamwork.”

(Bart Verbeek, Corporate Account Manager at Econocom)

Entrepreneur as a service


Services from strategy to execution

Startup strategy

Follow startup best practice with your project. Ensure your app fits your business strategy. Build with clients. Validate your assumptions. Iterative fast and learn what works... we will tell you when we think you are wrong.

Mobile application development

Build top notch applications with cutting edge technologies. iOS and Android apps at once through React Native. Real-time database, cloud deployment and storage with Firebase and Amazon Web Service. Interaction with Facebook, Google, Soundcloud and other APIs.

User experience

Make the user flow seamless. Create appealing user stories from day one. Design your app with common usage patterns in mind. Get your most important features right first.

Get project feedback.
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Fireside chat

Need a quick review of your mobile app idea? We can schedule a 1 hour call or meeting where we will ask questions and offer you feedback based on our experience as strategy consultants, engineers, and tech entrepreneurs.

Mobile app co-creation

1. Workshop “from strategy to technology”

Based on your strategy, we help you maximize your chances of success. Making the best technological choices at this stage can save you tens of thousands in development costs, and dramatically accelerate your time to market. Together, we can find the right shortcuts.


2. Product prototyping iteration

Each iteration starts with a workshop to help you prioritize the most important user stories. We co-create with you the whole experience of your product through wireframes. We turn these wireframes into a live interactive prototype, so that your can validate how your early adopters perceive the value of your product.

1900€ per iteration
Full product
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3. Application development

We translate your wireframes/prototype into a rock solid mobile app. We connect your app to existing services or build new ones if needed. We complete the user stories together and publish the app on the Apple App Store for iOS and the Google Play Store for Android for you.

Starting at

Get your mobile app on iOS and Android from 5900€

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Need help with other aspects of your entrepreneurial journey?

We’ve been there before, and we only made it this far with the help of our friends. As part of the family, you’ll have priority access to our trusted friends, including:

(Nicolas Magrez)
(Philippe Progneaux)

Some of our projects

TapTime helps freelances and service workers track their time effortlessly. Unlike traditional time tracking tools, TapTime is beautiful, focused on time entry and allows you to make graphs and analysis in Google Sheet.

UX/design, React Native, Google Sheet API

Econocom hired us to prototype a visual programing interface for robotic arms that are widely used in factories. Instead of writing error prone lines of code, the operators will gains time by visually programing robotic arm movements. The challenge for our frontend part was to model the many possibilities of such programing language into drag and droppable interface elements.

Elm language, Electron app

LNCH is a great opportunity to enrich your relationships at lunchtime. Unfortunately scheduling lunches takes time and a lot of back and forth. With LNCH, catching-up with a friend or business acquaintance becomes frictionless and more polite than ever.

UX/design, calendar automation, Google Place API, inbound email and API server in Elixir Phoenix

Brussels Electronic Marathon (official app) is 3 days of electronic music from the local scene. 200+ artists, 30+ venues, 60+ music collectives, 100% Brussels.

UX/design, automated data gathering with Facebook API, music streaming with Soundcloud API, Google Map and directions, Elixir Phoenix API and back office

Music festival? ...get your own app!

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Proxideal reduces food waste and empowers local shops by allowing them to share promotions to nearby users.

Customer and shop apps developments (React Native), geolocated notifications, real time database (Firebase)

itinari helps travelers to find where to go and what to do according to their desires in no time.

Architecture (4 apps, data collection with Facebook and Google APIs), implementation (Node.js, React, Redux, MongoDB, Redis, Elasticsearch), deployment (AWS, Docker Swarm) and UX/design

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