For blockchain related investors needing to adapt their positions to a fast moving market, we offer instant and cross-origin insights to their portfolio. Unlike mining the web for the right info, we'll stream any news of importance to your portfolio to your phone to make sure you get to adapt your position first.


For small e-commerce site owners wanting to have a mobile commerce version of their web-based store, we offer mobile (iOS and Android) apps that automatically sync the catalogue (assets, pricing, inventory etc) from their existing store. Unlike hiring a developer or a mobile app studio who require large upfront investment which most small e-commerce owners can't afford and costs money regardless of success, we charge only a commission on actual sales.


For young professionals wanting to reinforce their network, we offer a lunch scheduling app. Unlike awkwardly reaching out to contacts to know if they are available for lunch, we have a gamified design that makes planning lunches attractive/competitive/desirable/fun/seamless, and behind-the-scenes powerful technology to always know availability of people and restaurants.


For festival organisers having to manage artist content manually, we offer an app enriching your line up automatically with the bio, tracks, pictures, etc. of your artists. Unlike doing it manually (e.g. with interns), we use reliable artist-provided assets (text, audio, pictures and videos) from their existing social media profiles.


For journalists who don't have the time/budget to send a photographer to take the picture of someone, we offer remote picture taking through a mobile app. See through the camera of the person on the spot and guide her, shoot the picture and receive it instantly. Unlike asking your network to take a picture for you, you gain control on the frame and access to a paid network of people all around the globe.


For musicians looking for an unheard and unpredictable FX, we offer an FX algorithm based on quantum mechanics principles than sounds in-between a delay, a resonator and a reverb. Unlike deterministic effects, the remanence of the sound changes and evolves thanks to natural elements quantum effects.