For email users trying to stay focused during the day, Minimail offers a menubar app that keeps an eye on all email inboxes to taking care of a tiny subset of "immediately processable" transactional emails (confirm email; authentication codes; password resets; etc) by immediately performing the action (e.g. offering to open the link in 1 click, showing the auth code in a notification that is sticky until keys have been typed, etc). Unlike all other email clients, it doesn't show the rest of the emails in your inbox, so you don't get distracted and get to finish the task at hand.


For young professionals wanting to reinforce their network, we offer a lunch scheduling app. Unlike awkwardly reaching out to contacts to know if they are available for lunch, we have a gamified design that makes planning lunches attractive/competitive/desirable/fun/seamless, and behind-the-scenes powerful technology to always know availability of people and restaurants.