Partners for your next startup

We believe in people, technology and collaborative methods.

Think of us as a VC firm, but investing with tech execution. 

Our DNA is to build startups. That’s what we love. That’s what we do.

Our past startup projects lead us to takes another angle at the startup world. Most startups raise funds to hire developers and eventually give them some share to attract/retain the best of them. But what if you could skip the fund raising step and directly have a tech team?

We don’t believe in money. We believe in people. Money is useless without a capable team.

Because talented partners are rare, we stick together as a family and work on our startup portfolio. In our experience, fixed capital split lead to frustrations, so we make it evolve progressively with our respective contributions.

We don’t believe in distant relationships and controlling people. We are self-managed and whole.

Because outstanding team members are always surprisingly effective, multifaceted and faster than expected, we commit to a strictly open, caring and collaborative governance. We ensure our playground evolves organically with our members. 

With, we all thrive to do good and make people smile.




I am an entrepreneur, strategy consultant and product craftsman. I studied engineering at Ecole Centrale de Paris and ULB. Because of my appetite for understanding businesses, I was a strategy consultant for 4 years at Bain & Company. Then I decided to create my own startups to pursue my desire to create applications myself and automate human intensive tasks with WiseRadar (with Olivier) and Sunday.

I am also a happy father, scuba diver and a foodie.

To expect: strategic perspective, user-centric design, coding, quantitative analysis




I am a geek with benefits. I have a double master in engineering and computer science and started a PhD on computer networks. As my desire to build real-life applications grew, I decided to join Olivier to code together for a startup in the travel industry and we soon decided to make this thing real. I love learning programming languages. You might hear me talk about functional programming, Elm, Elixir, pattern matching, DevOps, etc.

I am also a sport lover (I teach Krav Maga and CrossFit) and violin/guitar player.

To expect: code, efficiently heat servers, edge-case squashing, stable help




Background: masters in engineering (applied physics) + master in management + master in European studies + some psychology education.

I ❤️ creating projects: 1 studio (!), 4 web startups, 1 marketing company, 1 music collective, 2 music festivals, >50 apps.

I get 🤩 when playing/composing electronic/jazz music.

To expect: energy/drive, ideas/structure, coding/strategy, self-managed/governance. 

photo Helene.png


Online marketing

Digital and innovation enthusiast.

Background: BBA HEC Montreal / Exchange Tongji University in Shanghai / MS Entrepreneurship Ecole Centrale Paris & ESSEC.

I worked for 3 years at a tech company as a Marketing Manager in Paris. Then, I decided to start a remote freelance activity to combine my passions : helping tech innovative projects while traveling around the world.

Always looking for new destinations and travel tips 🌎

To expect : online marketing, branding, analytical mind, project management, dynamism.